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How to train your Super Kid’s brain to communicate more impressively.


AT JUST ₹1299 ₹299
Special Offer Price Just for this Week : AT JUST ₹100

AT JUST ₹1299 ₹299
Special Offer Price Just for this Week : AT JUST ₹100

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Why should you attend this Workshop?

Reason 1

One of the well known name in the field of “Strategic Communication Coach & Life Coaching-NLP” and also a premier motivational speakers in Kolkata.

Reason 2

Learn how be Fluent & CORRECT in English Communication with the use of Right Brain Creativity of your kid.

Reason 3

Learn the power of persuading others with the help of Non-verbal Communication & Neuroscience.

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Journey Roadmap

During this 5 day workshop your are going to learn about :

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And come to know about your CRQ 😍

Exciting Bonuses

Bonus 1

5 Life changing videos on “NLP INDEPTH VIDEOS” by SUBHASH KARTIK

Bonus 2

5 Life changing videos on
How to build an Organised Personality and make other people like you.

Bonus 3

5 Life changing videos on Effective Public Speaking Presentation Skills.

Know your Mentor !

Mr. Subhash Kartik

Subhash Kartik is one of the well known name in the field of “Strategic Communication Coach & Life Coaching-NLP” & also a premier motivational speaker in Kolkata. Internationally Certified with rare ability to electrify an audience and deliver orignal useful insights that lead to individuals doing their best work. Mr. Kartik is having 8 yrs. of Corporate Experience in Sales & Marketing, Customer Service & Banking operations as he had been associated with leading brands like HDFC, Kotak Mahindra, Indusind Bank.


See Some Transformation

Raja Mandal

I must say, the way of teaching is awesome, the way of communication is awesome. He speaks from his heart, that reaches to my heart.


We come to learn so many things during the sessions. We know things but doing things in organized way which leads us to success.

Dinesh Sharma

This is the first time I joined English Speaking classes and this gives me a lot of confidence & boost my confidence. It was very fruitful experience for me.


Sourav Chatterjee

Workshop - Lady


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Why should I join this 5 days workshop?

If you feel you need to be more fluent in English, correct in English & be impressive in English, you must join this workshop.

Who can join this workshop?

Anyone can, but specially working professionals, housewives & students (above 14 years).

What will be covered in this 5 days workshop?

We will cover Fluency Development, Grammer, Public Speaking & Neuroscience.

What is Neuroscience?

Neuroscience is an old concept in the field of medical science, but we rarely use Neuroscience in the field of Communication. These 5 days will activate your brain and you will know how you can train your brain while communicating with people.

Will these 5 sessions be recorded, if I miss?

These 5days have been designed in such a way, so that one can improve his/her speaking skills and grammar skills. Recording lessons will never be effective.

Will I see Positive changes after 5 sessions?

“What we sow, we reap”. If you attend all 5 sessions, do all assignments and participate in all the practical sessions, you will definitely level up your communication skills.

What will happen after I make the payment and enrol for this 5days session?

Once you pay and enroll, you will be automatically added to our Workshop WhatsApp Group. If suppose you are not added, please do whatsapp us at Helpline +91 82408 02900.

Will I be getting any Certificate after completion of this 5days workshop?

We do provide certificates, but only to TOP 10, who attend all 5days of the workshop, Completes assignments and participate maximum.

Who will be the mentor in this workshop?

Subhash Kartik and KK Mandal (Double National Award Winner) being the main mentors. They will be joined with expert and experienced Grammar and Fluency Coaches.

If I am unable to join this workshop even after making the payment, can I get my enrolment fee returned?

Sorry, no!

Try to plan your 5days beforehand and take this workshop as a priority.

During workshop, how much hours I have to give everyday?

Everyday max 2 hours.

Will this workshop be online or offline?

Online through ZOOM application.

Can I join with my android phone/laptop?


Can I join this workshop with my family members with a same screen?


Is there any other workshop for kids?

3 days workshop available for kids (5 years – 13 years).


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